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Controversy embroils Rexburg City Council forum

A group of local city council candidates released a controversial press statement unexpectedly withdrawing from an event due to rumors of "radical extremists."

Get to know the Rexburg City Council candidates

With election day just around the corner, now is the time to get to know the candidates.

City Council celebrates parks and rec growth and declares a new holiday

From booming sports programs to community service, the council discussed and reported on Rexburg's progress.

City Council discusses graffiti, a fun run, food trucks and more at meeting

Citizens gathered as the council welcomed new employees, approved proposals and addressed issues.

Rexburg City Council and residents debate financing for sidewalk, street and gutter replacements

A special city council meeting generated debate between Rexburg residents and local leaders over the cost of local street improvements.

City Council proposes mobile food court

Food truck owners and locals gathered to discuss a mobile food court ordinance and more at this week's city council meeting.

Rexburg’s plans for the 4th of July and more

City council met to discuss 4th of July and other upcoming events.

City council discusses plans and improvements for the summer

City council members met on Wednesday to approve plans for new projects.

Rexburg City Council May 19

The city council discusses upcoming events and other issues on the agenda.

City council denies rezoning request

The Rexburg City Council denied a rezoning request at Wednesday's meeting after hearing complaints from several citizens.

City council discusses upcoming activities and events in Rexburg

From an escape room to an art stroll to the cleaning of Eagle Park, city council discusses opportunities for Rexburg residents to get more involved with the community.

City Council debates developing complexes outside of town

Rexburg citizens expressed deep concern for flooding as developers move outside of town to build complexes and fill in ditches.

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Citizens raise concerns over garbage truck noises

Rexburg City Council heard from the Public Works Department during their meeting.

Devotional cover: Called to serve

Curtis Henrie shared his devotional address on September 20 in the BYU-Idaho Center.

Devotional preview: Joel Judkins

Joel Judkins will be addressing students in the upcoming devotional on Sept. 27.

‘Napoleon Dynamite’ is featured at The Romance Theater

Gosh! The Romance Theater kicks off fall semester with an Extended Play Cinema event.