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A dance frozen in time

Safe Space is hosting its Frozen in Time formal.

Rexburg celebrates Thanksgiving

Rexburg locals gathered to listen to music for the city's annual Thanksgiving tradition.

Rexburg prepares for Thanksgiving morning

A 40-year-old tradition will bring locals together to enjoy Thanksgiving and beautiful music.

The darkest season of all

What is the psychology behind seasonal affective disorder?

Packed stadium for the Whoopee Days Rodeo

The Rexburg Whoopee Days Rodeo took place Friday and Saturday evening.

Delivering food leads to filled stomachs and full hearts

BYU-Idaho students can help the elderly in the community by delivering food boxes from local food pantries.

A Walk in the gARTen was a breath of fresh air

This multi-department collaboration yielded a beautiful spectacle for students and the community.

Rexburg invites all to share the love at community Valentine’s exchange

Valentine’s Day — Sharing love one letter at a time

Art students create mural at Jefferson County Lake

Four BYU-Idaho students have come together to paint messages of hope on cement walls.

Rexburg’s new dog park is fetching amazing

Months after opening, no matter the weather, Rexburg locals attend the new $79,000 dog park that.

Haunted houses aren’t so scary after all

COVID-19 has disrupted America's normal way of life — Rexburg is no exception.

Experience Rexburg at Experience Rexburg

The Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce will host the annual Experience Rexburg event to help the students know what the community has.

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Power 2 Become

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Upcoming film festival highlights student work

The Snake River Film Festival is a great place to see some of the quality work BYU-Idaho video students have created.

“My reassignment was a miracle”

Missionaries sent home during the pandemic share their personal experiences when receiving the call home.

Here is what you missed from a conversation about sexual assault

What happened in the conversation about sexual assault?