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Upcoming events in May

Rexburg Cultural Arts is putting on several community events this month.

T-Mobile invests in Rexburg

Rexburg has been accepted into the T-Mobile Hometown Grant program. T-Mobile's first grant is going toward a new out-door stage behind the Romance Theater.

Rexburg concertgoers suit up for a night of live music

Suit Up, Soldier, Rally and Ambrian won over fans at the Romance Theater Saturday night.

A crash course in scheduling Center Stage events

Center Stage specialist explains how they find and contract performers.

Boyé ‘rallies the troops’ in Rexburg

The “Heart of a Lion” takes the spotlight.

Events you don’t want to miss

This spring semester is full of activities to keep students entertained.

Spring 2016 Semester at BYU-Idaho

  DJ Productions hosted a white out party on June 11 for BYU-Idaho students in the John W. Hart main gym. Idaho Falls residents showed their respects...

BYU and BYU-I singers perform together

Brigham Young University Singers joined the BYU-Idaho Collegiate Singers for two concerts March 8 at 7:30 p.m. and March 9 at 3:00 p.m. in...

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Celebrate Independence Day with the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce

Rexburg's 2022 Fourth of July celebration will be filled with parades, fireworks and parties.

Summer, fun and flowers at BYU-I

The Summer, Fun and Flowers event was filled with colors, flowers and activities.

Discover the past at upcoming family history fair

At the end of the semester, a family history class will hold a fair to showcase their final projects.

Devotional cover: ‘Get up and win the race’

In his devotional address, Philip Crane spoke about winning the spiritual race of everyday life.