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The new COVID-19 graduation experience

The current COVID-19 pandemic has affected graduation at BYU-Idaho and BYU. Some recently graduated students from both universities share their unique experiences during this online age.

Ammunition is in demand

Ammunition is far from abundant in Rexburg and has been since the pandemic started.

Church announces changes to General Conference

Church leaders announced the discontinuation of the Saturday evening session of Conference.

Getting the vaccine at BYU-I

Students have access to COVID-19 vaccines through the school and a variety of other locations.

The CDC no longer recommends masks for vaccinated Americans

Vaccinated Americans can attend indoor and outdoor events without wearing masks or social distancing.

Devotional cover: Living a celestial life

Doug Thompson's devotional is now available online.

OPINION: Read the fine print

We should question and research complex issues rather than accepting their "bumper sticker" ideologies.

Vaccines available at the Health Center

COVID-19 vaccines are available to anyone ages 18 and up at the Health Center.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints updates handbook; encourages vaccinations and discourages ‘extreme’ survivalism

The Church issued various guidelines and emphasized certain direction for its members.

CDC gives guidelines for a safe Easter

The CDC gave advice to those celebrating Easter on how to avoid spreading COVID-19.

BYU-Idaho announces a delay in fall registration

BYU-Idaho sent out an official notice on Fall 2021 class registration.

Making money and saving lives

Donating plasma can help save lives of patients and provide extra income for donors.

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Drowsy driving and dogs at large

See some reasons why police were contacted last week.

Devotional preview: The act of doing

In his devotional address, Mike Whitworth will teach about the importance of action when striving to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

How to recognize sexual abuse in marriage

Five warning signs of sexual abuse in marriage and how to get help.

Finding an identity after growing up in a Russian orphanage

Nick Eckman shares how he found purpose and belonging after being adopted from an orphanage in Russia.