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Civility or violence — one lesson from the U.S. Capitol breach

BYU-Idaho student suggests civility in times of political unrest.

Speakers at the Democratic National Convention urge citizens to vote Biden

The Democratic National Convention featured many speakers and performers and took place each night during the week of Aug. 17-21.

“I want you!” to become an educated voter

With the 2020 election right around the corner, selecting a political candidate to vote for requires more work than simply filling in a bubble.

State of the Union — I mean, nature retreat

I went to a cabin retreat with the Political Affairs Society, and this is what happened.

It’s time to be women

Christine Blasey Ford spoke out about her sexual assault claim against Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court nominee, on Thursday. According to CNN, Ford stood in front...

It’s time to vote

The Idaho primary is upon us. Here's some things you need to know.

Dissension: Politics isn’t about parties

We all have our own opinions of what is the right and wrong way to spend money, and we, the people, were the ones responsible for electing the official that enforced said money spending.

Hillary’s not all she’s cracked up to be

Obama’s endorsement of Clinton comes as no surprise, as presidents have endorsed their possible predecessors from their own political parties throughout our nation’s history. It is by no means a reflection of Clinton’s abilities.

Choose the left: Do you support Hillary?

The majority of the public loved Hillary Clinton while she was in office as Secretary of State. It was not until she became a presidential candidate that the public deemed her unworthy and tarnished her name, which Hillary Clinton did not deserve.

Chief campaign strategist gives hint about Clinton’s upcoming acceptance speech

Hillary Clinton's chief campaign strategist, Joel Benenson, shared topics likely to be mentioned in the Democratic nominee's acceptance speech Thursday night. “I think Hillary Clinton,...

Supporters’ mixed reactions over Sander’s cry to unite behind Clinton

On the first day of the Democratic National Convention, Bernie Sanders delegates were able to attend a meeting with the former presidential hopeful. In...

Reactions from the first day of the DNC

When the first night of the 2016 Democratic National Convention came to a close, Mariya Brewer of Philadelphia said the event had been a...

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Devotional cover: Seeking God’s light

In her devotional address, Taunya Hansen spoke about the light of Christ and gave 3 suggestions on ways to better seek and receive His light.

BREAKING NEWS: Field by Towers I parking lot catches on fire

Police are still investigating the incident.

EDITORIAL: All caffeine, no campus — a deeper look at caffeine at BYU-Idaho

BYU-I's refusal to sell any caffeinated products does not match student consumer habits or current Church teachings — we at Scroll request a policy redaction.

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes contend with COVID-19

Twenty-one deaths due to COVID-19 have been reported from the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes in Fort Hall, Idaho.