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Gun control will not ensure safety

Stricter gun laws will not fix the problem. Criminals — including school/movie theatre/grocery store shooters — are not going to abide by the law. That’s why they’re criminals. Great...

ISIS does not represent a religion

The United States hosted a three-day anti-extremism summit from Feb. 18-20. This summit comes on the heels of terrorist attacks in Australia, Canada and the...

Tax scandal reflects culture of executive irresponsibility

Scroll Editorial: Approved by a 15-3 vote of the Scroll editorial board. The Senate Finance Committee held a hearing May 21 in response to the revelation that...

Practice abstinence instead of Plan B

On April 30, the age at which women can purchase an emergency contraceptive was lowered from 17 to 15, and there is a movement...

Second baby boom could save the U.S.

With current, pressing issues like gun control and bipartisan taxes, it can be easy to skim over issues with subtler and more long-term effects. There...

Greater gun control is not the answer

Raise your glasses, and perhaps your firearms—the president may be leading us down a  road suspiciously similar to Prohibition. On Jan. 16, President Obama urged...

Dissenting: Individual perception shapes our Christmas

In the popular tale by Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol,” the protagonist Ebenezer Scrooge represented the epitome of everything that is wrong with the...

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