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Police log: From food police to vandalism

Police took a report of a person possibly on drugs. When officers spoke to the person, they found he was just friendly and awkward.

Police log: Dog poop vandalism and suspicious odors

Police responded to an individual leaving dog poop at a former roommate's apartment.

Police log: From stolen signs to pill purses

Police responded to a report of a purse that was found and full of pills.

Police log: From dog punching to public intoxication

The suspect punched the dog and then punched the reporting party twice.

Police log: From ghost calls to packaged drugs

Police tried to contact the number of a harasser but were unable to make contact or find any other information.

Police Log: From animal violence to drug busts

Police took 1 ounce of meth into custody after a controlled purchase.

Some BYU-I students admit to little drug and alcohol use

BYU-Idaho released the Biennial Drug-Free Schools Report on Feb 23.

Idaho congress battles to determine state’s future on marijuana

The Idaho State Senate voted in favor of a proposed amendment to ban psychoactive drugs, including medical marijuana last month.

Police log: From online payment stalking to strange behaviors

Police responded to a complaint of drugs being found inside the store.

Oregon vs Idaho: a drug law comparison

Drug laws in Oregon and Idaho are quite different from each other.

POLICE LOG: Drugs found around wandering man

The police were called when some cones in the road had been tipped over.

POLICE LOG: Fraudulent phone call requests FBI meeting

Roommate requests welfare check for roommate on a date.

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