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Tag: Fall semester

Students highlight their favorite moments from Fall Semester 2021 devotionals

As the fall semester comes to a close, students reflect on what they gained from in-person devotionals.

BYU-Idaho to fully open Fall Semester

An official notice released today gives a look into what Fall 2021 will look like at BYU-Idaho.

Improve writing one step at a time

Communication Department faculty present three writing workshops throughout the semester.

The buzz behind Ward Hick’s bees

Within two minutes, Ward Hicks transformed from a public relations professor to your local beekeeper.

BYU-Idaho announces guidelines to prepare for fall semester

Fall Semester 2020 begins Sept. 14; know the guidelines before you head on campus.

Student housing makes adjustments for fall

Student housing makes adjustments amid BYU-Idaho's fall registration announcement.

BYU-Idaho announces fall semester considerations

BYU-Idaho announces considerations for fall semester.

FAFSA’s fast approach for fall semester

What is financial aid? What is FAFSA? Who is eligible for financial aid and when are the deadlines?

WATCH: prospective students experience BYU-Idaho for the first time

See what students and parents that joined us on Campus Day had to say about campus and BYU-Idaho.

WATCH: BYU-Idaho competitive football try-outs

Competition in this fall's competitive football league

Fall semester students flood BYU-I

BYU-Idaho has grown to become the biggest private university in Idaho — is it all for good?

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Celebrate Independence Day with the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce

Rexburg's 2022 Fourth of July celebration will be filled with parades, fireworks and parties.

Summer, fun and flowers at BYU-I

The Summer, Fun and Flowers event was filled with colors, flowers and activities.

Discover the past at upcoming family history fair

At the end of the semester, a family history class will hold a fair to showcase their final projects.

Devotional cover: ‘Get up and win the race’

In his devotional address, Philip Crane spoke about winning the spiritual race of everyday life.