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Official Notice: BYU-Idaho Financial aid policy change

In a new official notice, BYU-Idaho announces more protections to student financial aid privacy.

A Q&A with the Financial Aid Office

What the Financial Aid Office wants students to know about FAFSA and other common questions that arise for students.

BYU-Idaho not accepting CARES Act funding

"The university is prepared to meet the needs of our students without accessing these federal funds."

Changes made to BYU-Idaho grants and scholarships

BYU-Idaho announced changes to be made to the financial aid scholarships and grants.

FAFSA’s fast approach for fall semester

What is financial aid? What is FAFSA? Who is eligible for financial aid and when are the deadlines?

Debt in America is increasing with less concern

"This modest difference in wealth can be partly attributed to differences in debt by generation. Compared with earlier generations, more Millennials have outstanding student debt, and the amount of it they owe tends to be greater," according to Pew research.

Financial Aid Office making changes in scholarship requirements

The Financial Aid Office is making changes in required credit enrollment in order to obtain scholarships.

“Student loans are not bad”

"They're evil," said Dakota Griggs, a junior studying mathematics education composite. "I'm trying to stay away from that stuff."

Actually, you do have to reapply for financial aid

This is a retraction of the article, "7 things you can do now that you don’t have to re-register for financial aid," published on...

Low-credit students may lose some financial aid

Students should make sure they have enough credits to receive financial aid.

BYU-I improves financial aid process

The financial aid office is further ahead this semester than last. The BYU-Idaho Financial Aid Department is ensuring students receive their financial aid on time...

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