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Supreme Court ruling on free speech

The Supreme Court ruled on the Shurtleff v. Boston case.

Breaking our biases: International students speak on their unique cultural experience

Students of BYU-Idaho are a collection of cultures and homelands learning not only academically, but also about one another.

WATCH: Heroes remembered in Memorial Day Field of Honor

A display of 1,000 American flags was posted over Memorial Day weekend in honor of local heroes.

Memorial Day: More than just summer

How Memorial Day is more than a summer day full of burgers and hot dogs.

9/11 Rexburg Remembers

The Madison Fire Department set up a Patriot Day Celebration Memorial Walk at Porter Park Saturday morning, the day before the 15th anniversary of...

Rexburg’s July 4th Parade

Rexburg's local 4th of July parade took place on Main Street and S 2nd W in Rexburg, Idaho on Monday morning. BYU-Idaho students played songs...

Eastern Idaho celebrates Fourth of July

Fireworks, freedom, barbecues and parades — these are just a few words associated with Independence Day, which is celebrated among BYU-Idaho students as more...

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BYU-Idaho web development team wins national award

After winning at the state competition in March, the Website Development and Design team from BYU-Idaho went on to win first place at the BPA Post-Secondary Nationals in Dallas, Texas.

Rigby Bull Wars entertains a large crowd

Every seat was filled at the Rigby Rodeo Grounds for the annual event of the Rigby Bull Wars.

Asian restaurant “Red 8” opens near Fat Cats

The restaurant offers classic Chinese food and sushi along with some house originals.

Rexburg celebrates “Flow-bor Day”

April showers brings May flowers for Rexburg.