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Tag: General Conference

Students react to general conference

As the 191st Semiannual General Conference comes to a close, students share their thoughts on what they heard over the weekend.

President Nelson encourages temple attendance

What do we need to remember from this general conference?

How we watch conference

See how members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints participate in general conference.

Inspiration received from general conference topics

From Christ's Atonement to Zion, this season's general conference topics provide strength in spirit and power to persevere.

Time-tested traditions of General Conference

Students share how they find joy in traditions like special meals, activities and reflection with loved ones.

Students anticipate General Conference weekend

Students express how stoked they are for conference.

Scroll’s top 10 general conference talks of all time

Here were some of the favorites that our staff came up with.

Bishops speak about general conference

Past and current bishops speak about making general conference meaningful.

Catch conference on campus

Students are invited to view the General Conference live stream in various campus buildings.

Quiz: Which General Authority would be your bestie?

Take this quiz to find out which General Authority or General Officer of the Church you would be best friends with.

Church announces changes to General Conference

Church leaders announced the discontinuation of the Saturday evening session of Conference.

Devotional Preview: The stones of the gospel

Elder and Sister Wong will discuss important "stones" of the gospel that, like David and the Brother of Jared, can help us accomplish the Lord's purposes.

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Senior Paige Cole talks about ACEs and the need for personal growth.

Devotional cover: Trusting God in all circumstances

In his devotional address, Shawn Andreasen discussed the importance of trusting in God, even when blessings don't come as expected.

Rexburg prepares for Thanksgiving morning

A 40-year-old tradition will bring locals together to enjoy Thanksgiving and beautiful music.

Creating memories one recipe at a time

BYU-Idaho students share a few of their favorite dishes and memories from past Thanksgivings.