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I’ve been accepted — now what?

For those of you who are wondering what classes you need to take to graduate, it's simpler than you think.

The new COVID-19 graduation experience

The current COVID-19 pandemic has affected graduation at BYU-Idaho and BYU. Some recently graduated students from both universities share their unique experiences during this online age.

The history of the cap and gown

It's a lot more than a silly hat.

My passions make me cry

It's normal if your dreams cause you crippling stress — mine do, too.

BYU-Idaho student adds up her future after graduation

One BYU-Idaho reflects on what lessons she has learned in college.

Graduate with experience

Students can get professional work experience during/at school.

Finishing a bachelor’s and finding home: Karly Perez, a non-LDS Pathway graduate

On April 13, along with hundreds of other students, 36-year-old Karly Perez graduated from the BYU Pathway program.

The post-grad job search: Is it really that bad?

Only 54 percent of graduating students receive employment at graduation, 95 percent one year after graduating and 98 percent five years after graduating, according to Steve Davis, BYU-Idaho alumni director.

How to Graduate on Time

Graduation day looms over some, but for many it seems far away. No matter whether you are a junior or freshman these tools will help you graduate on time.

Graduation Photo Gallery Fall Semester 2015

Graduation ceremonies were held for BYU-Idaho students on Dec. 18. Elder Kim B. Clark, former president of BYU-I, accompanied Elder Quentin L. Cook of...

BYU-I alumnus shares success story

Graduating seniors will end their journey with BYU-Idaho July 23, 2015 as they finish their education and receive their bachelor’s degree. Alastair McKee, a BYU-I...

Senior Showcase

Ashley Young: Every year, towards the end of the semester, the Communications Department holds a senior showcase where graduating seniors show off their skills...

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Give water polo a shot

Campus water polo is available to join at any point in the season.

How to earn credits with a language exam

Learn how BYU-Idaho students who speak a foreign language can earn up to 12 credits.

What is Social Dance Rexburg?

A husband and wife pair up to offer the community a place to dance the night away.

“The Rexburg boredom cure”

A student business attempts to make dating in Rexburg more fun.