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City Council discusses graffiti, a fun run, food trucks and more at meeting

Citizens gathered as the council welcomed new employees, approved proposals and addressed issues.

Drowsy driving and dogs at large

See some reasons why police were contacted last week.

Rexburg Police Department looking for graffiti suspects

The Rexburg Police Department asks community members to look at the graffiti incident images and contact them with any useful information about potential suspects.

Police log: From apartment fights to car accidents

A driver became scared when honked at and drove into oncoming traffic.

POLICE LOG: Longboarder causing a commotion

Car with missing tires and damage to the front was found on the side of the road, abandoned.

Graffiti found in Rexburg park

A Rexburg police officer discovered graffiti in the picnic area at Rexburg's Nature Park during the early morning hours of Jan. 25.

Anti-Trump graffiti spray painted at local LDS church building

The Rexburg Police Department is investigating an incident of vandalism that occurred prior to this weekend on a property owned by The Church of...

Graffiti appears on demolition site

On the southeast corner of the construction site of the semi-demolished women’s dorms, graffiti has appeared on the half-torn-down walls. It can be seen from...

Vandal tags local businesses and sites around city

Local businesses in Rexburg have been vandalized. Vandal has not yet been identified, but believed to be the same person for each report.

Star Wars Graffiti Spotted in Rexburg

Graffiti of Star Wars character R2D2 has been spotted in Porter Park and on the wall of Nauvoo House apartment complex. The graffiti appeared yesterday and the perpetrator is currently unknown to the Scroll.

Graffiti artist turns passion to profession

Trains, vandalism, paint and concrete walls are some of the first images that come to mind when people hear the word “graffiti.” For Andrew Horner,...

Graffiti Problem

Rexburg has been having an increasing problem with Graffiti. The police are asking residents for help to stop the vandalism. 

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