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Dissension: Guns don’t pull their own triggers, people do

With all the mass shootings happening in the United States, there must be a solution, but the solution is not banning guns.

Editorial: We need to do something

We don't want to ban guns; however, we know that something needs to be done.

Political parties find commonalities regarding gun control

Political parties, while still divided on gun policies, do find some common ground.

Should teachers be allowed to carry guns?

With the recent shooting in Florida, arming teachers has become a common debate in the country.

Students’ take on gun control

BYU-Idaho students share their opinions on the revitalized discussion around gun control.

Domestic Violence: Too close to home

A new bill was presented to the Idaho legislature that would penalize those who have committed domestic violence for possessing firearms.

Does the United States have a gun problem or is it the people?

“I think it’s a people problem instead of a gun problem. You can’t blame a gun for killing people; it’s the person behind the gun."

Obama’s proposal will not hinder gun violence

President Barack Obama has proposed an executive order to impose stronger laws involving background checks on the purchase of firearms. However, he has yet...

Gun control will not ensure safety

Stricter gun laws will not fix the problem. Criminals — including school/movie theatre/grocery store shooters — are not going to abide by the law. That’s why they’re criminals. Great...

Gun control: An option that can actually protect and save lives

On Oct. 2, 10 people were killed in a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. That makes 45 school shootings this year,...

Constitutional carry advocates rally for gun rights

Rexburg citizens gathered outside of the courthouse Saturday, Sept. 26 for a gun rally held in support of constitutional gun carry in Idaho. Many people...

City Council approves police gun permits

The Rexburg City Council voted unanimously on June 26 to approve a measure allowing Rexburg police officers to purchase personal firearms with the city’s...

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