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Devotional cover: Trusting God in all circumstances

In his devotional address, Shawn Andreasen discussed the importance of trusting in God, even when blessings don't come as expected.

Devotional cover: Building resilience to combat life’s difficulties

Patty Hendricks taught students about the power of resilience during trials and suggested five different ways to become more resilient.

Friendship prevents suicide

Keep your loved ones safe.

Be someone’s good Samaritan

BYU-Idaho students share stories of when someone was a good Samaritan to them.

The Dean of Students is here to help

The Dean of Students is a resource for students to seek support and advice in times of need.

WATCH: BYU-I delivers meals to students with COVID-19

BYU-Idaho catering services prepares meals for the sick and needy.

Helping the needy among a pandemic

The novel Coronavirus forced food banks and free social services to cut back on volunteers while the demand for help increases.

A perspective on stress

See the positive in stress.

Creative writing help offered on campus

An opportunity to increase a variety of skills is open right here on campus through the Writers Workshop.

WATCH: Where to go for tech help

The IT Department offers students and faculty help with technology questions. Here's how to contact them.

3 strange things turned in at Lost and Found recently

A cat, a painted bust and a backpack full of concrete are among the strangest things recently turned into the Lost and Found.

WATCH: A ‘Handshake’ away from your dream job

BYU-Idaho students can find many career and networking opportunities from a simple program.

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Power 2 Become

Power 2 Become was hosted in the John W. Hart Building on Friday, Oct. 27. Speakers encouraged students and guests to discover their passions,...

Upcoming film festival highlights student work

The Snake River Film Festival is a great place to see some of the quality work BYU-Idaho video students have created.

“My reassignment was a miracle”

Missionaries sent home during the pandemic share their personal experiences when receiving the call home.

Here is what you missed from a conversation about sexual assault

What happened in the conversation about sexual assault?