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Idaho ranks as No.1 state for entrepreneurs

The Gem State has great opportunities for small business owners and start-up founders.

Native American hope

Native Americans share their stories about life on the reservation and the future for Natives in Idaho.

Car show drives into Rexburg

Two Spencers put on a car show for Rexburg.

Blazing the trail through Harriman State Park

The ORC offers summer horseback rides.

Column: Must-dos for your must-do adventure

Everyone is going to Goldbug Hot Springs! This is all you have to do to plan your trip.

Agribusiness wins in national competition

Agribusiness students make their mark in the first virtual PAS competition.

Job prospects: What healthcare majors can expect after graduation

With fluctuating employment numbers, BYU-Idaho healthcare majors are unsure if they will be able to find local employment.

CDC gives guidelines for a safe Easter

The CDC gave advice to those celebrating Easter on how to avoid spreading COVID-19.

Idaho officials update COVID-19 vaccination qualifications for residents

Idaho requires residents to bring identification showing proof of work and residency.

BREAKING NEWS: Officer-involved shooting at Brenchley Apartments leaves one dead

Story will be updated as information becomes available.

Heightened number of Idaho National Guard deployed to Washington D.C. for the presidential inauguration

Nearly 300 personnel from the Idaho National Guard will participate in the safety protocols of the 59th Presidential Inauguration.

Idaho announces COVID-19 vaccination distribution plan

Idaho is currently distributing COVID-19 vaccinations to certain priority groups.

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Projected open date for Hart Gym pushed back

The Hart Gym will potentially open in January 2022.

Student from China shares experiences from Rexburg

Isabel Ding is a senior at BYU-Idaho, and she has quite the story.

Come dance the night away at Studio 1

The new venue recently announced their first dance, a toxic waste themed Halloween party.

How international students can better adapt to the American culture

The transition of international students to the American culture