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BYU-I improv group leaves audiences roaring

Unscripted kicks off the fall comedy scene at BYU-I.

An Unscripted evening

One of the improv groups on campus had their first show of the semester in the MC Little Theater.

The audience of Unscripted

What it is like for an audience member of Unscripted?

Preparing for Unscripted

What goes into preparing for an improv show?

Improve your improv

Try your hand at improv by auditioning for Unscripted's show group.

Improv comedy workshop invites new members

From Darth Vader impressions to an imaginary garbage island, the improv comedy workshop is bound to make you laugh.

Students sing, stomp and act at Improv Comedy Workshop

After receiving his topic, he began flinging himself around the room as explosions littered the scene.

Hot spot improv brings laughter

Written by Spencer Board If a student is looking for a good laugh and a date idea pre-Valentine's Day, come to the Hotspot Improv Comedy...

BYU-I Humor Code

The Humor Code is BYU-Idaho’s sketch comedy gro, similar to Saturday Night Live or Studio C. “It’s a gro that comes together, improvs, writes sketches,...

Comic Frenzy wings it in improv show

Students gathered to watch Comic Frenzy perform on Feb. 15. Trevor Hill, a theatre instructor who directs and teaches the Comic Frenzy team, said improvisation,...

Performing gros focus on laughter

BYU-Idaho provides two outlets for students to participate in comical student improvisation: Comic Frenzy and Academy of Comedy. There is also a comedy show on...

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Projected open date for Hart Gym pushed back

The Hart Gym will potentially open in January 2022.

Student from China shares experiences from Rexburg

Isabel Ding is a senior at BYU-Idaho, and she has quite the story.

Come dance the night away at Studio 1

The new venue recently announced their first dance, a toxic waste themed Halloween party.

How international students can better adapt to the American culture

The transition of international students to the American culture