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BYU-I Christmas concert with David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco

David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco will perform at BYU-Idaho with the student choirs and orchestra.

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Students discuss their long-distance relationship experiences, including waiting for missionaries, and whether or not they feel the love is worth the longing.

Mystery Dinner

Come enjoy a three-course meal in a group of six people while figuring out who's the murderer.

Alcan String Quartet comes to BYU-Idaho

Alcan String Quartet is coming to BYU-Idaho.

Is it being outgoing or flirtatious?

Are men at BYU-Idaho more attracted to girls who are flirty, outgoing and confident?

Patriots and Pioneers perform at BYU-I

BYU-Idaho Center Stage had their annual Patriots and Pioneers concert July 9 with George Dyer as their soloist.

How to stay focused in final weeks

How BYU-Idaho students stay organized and focused during the last few weeks of the semester.

Put some beat into your Summer bash

Celebrate the beginning of summer at the Summer Bash Dance Friday, June 17.

Covering DJ Productions

How did DJ's Prepare for the DJ Productions dance, and how did the students enjoy the dance?

White out party with DJ Productions

DJ Productions will be hosting the White Out Party in the Hart on June 11, in the BYU-Idaho Hart Gymnasium.

Laughing for love

Laughter makes the world go round, but how does it affect you and your dating life?

Most Read

Finance department introduces a new minor

Even though the minor likely won't be introduced until 2022, students can start working toward the minor now.

Rock climbing in the dark

Lights out. Scary movies playing sinisterly on the wall. Hands grasping in the dark for holds lit only by headlights.

Dreaming from Bolivia to BYU-I: The story of Junior Tovar

This is the story of how a violin changed a man's life.

Treehouse Talks Rexburg — An intimate setting for the Rexburg community

Treehouse Talks is a new weekly occurring event in Rexburg, allowing students and locals to be vulnerable and open with their peers.