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Learn why alumni have joined Scroll in the past.

LISTEN: A cough drop and some chocolate for lunch: Hunger at BYU-Idaho

In a recent survey of BYU-Idaho students, 73 percent of respondents said they believed students may not seek food assistance because of pride, fear or embarrassment.

How two female BYU-I grads excelled in the male-dominated automotive program

Even though she felt comfortable studying automotive engineering, Tuchtenhagen said fellow students would ask her daily what it was like to be a woman in a male-dominated program.

The most useful elective I took in college was AUTO 100

"I knew my transmission fluid had been changed within the last couple thousand miles, so when a technician tried to sell me a transmission fluid flush, I asked him to show me my transmission fluid."

Supermileage team hopes to double last year’s 622-mpg result

The team continues preparations for their trip to Michigan by attempting to create BYU-Idaho’s best performing Supermileage car yet.

Madison County worst in Idaho for food security despite many resources

19.8 percent of Madison County's population is food insecure, meaning they do not have reliable access to a sufficient amount of nutritious food on their own.

Editorial: Latest outbreaks teach us vaccines should not be feared

As a community of parents, friends and students, we are privileged to live in a time when close contact with vast numbers of people will not leave us vulnerable to the deadly diseases of the past.

Booting returns to campus lots with new Idaho law

Vehicle booting has been a legal gray area in the city of Rexburg for the past several months, but a new state law legalizing the practice leaves no room for interpretation.

Yellowstone bison controversy leads to ongoing protests

Protesters over the past month tried to stop Yellowstone's bison from being slaughtered by letting them out of their quarantines.

First Presidency Message discontinued on a monthly basis

The monthly First Presidency Message found in Ensign and Liahona magazines has been discontinued after this month. A statement confirming the discontinuation followed President Russell...

Save us some sleep

I have slept on 23 different mattresses, each for a period of at least a month since leaving home nearly six years ago. Let's talk about that.

Do you know what a noncompete clause is? You should

Being fired from a job should not be akin to being fired from an entire industry, even temporarily.

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Public help requested to find suspect

Public help has been requested for the location of an unidentified male subject wanted for credit card theft.

Police log: Stolen volleyballs and TV tantrums

Police took a report of a fight from neighbors to find that it was a juvenile throwing a tantrum over the TV.

One art piece can inspire many

See how a single art piece from Wayne Kimball helped inspire 42 artists to create their own interpretations.

Idaho residents step up to donate blood on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Idaho residents gathered in service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day by donating blood at a local blood drive.