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Get a job with the BYU-I Career Center

See how experiences and the staff from the Career Center get students real jobs.

She’s a mother, spouse, employee and a full-time student

Joanna comments on how she balances her life as a mother, a full-time student, employee and wife.

Trials to triumph: finding work in Rexburg

Understanding the journey of finding a job in Rexburg.

From missionary to deputy jailer

Life as a 21-year-old deputy jailer brings challenges for BYU-Idaho student.

Learning etiquette at The Proper Professional

Gustavo Iglezia hosted an event, The Proper Professional, to help students receive training on social etiquette and networking skills from professionals.

Why you should make connections at Career Week

Want to get connected with employers and prepare yourselves for your future career?

Commitments: The moment of truth for you and I

Marrying someone is a huge commitment, but don't overlook your relationship with your job endeavors.

Need help finding an internship? Ask the Smiths

Elder and Sister Smith are the internship missionaries on campus and have “a good product to pedal” said Sister Smith.

Five ways to help you land a job on campus

Find out how you can be catapulted above other candidates when looking for a job on campus.

Five places to apply for a job on campus next semester

Money is important, so we decided to compound a list of the best jobs you can apply for on campus to make a bit of extra dough.

Seniors share stresses of starting in the ‘real world’

Graduation is coming and seniors will soon be off into the real world. They express their fears on social media.

Earn spare cash during spare time

More students are working during college than ever before, according to a CNBC report. For many students at BYU-Idaho, working while attending school is a natural part of life, although the type of employment varies.

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Finance department introduces a new minor

Even though the minor likely won't be introduced until 2022, students can start working toward the minor now.

Rock climbing in the dark

Lights out. Scary movies playing sinisterly on the wall. Hands grasping in the dark for holds lit only by headlights.

Dreaming from Bolivia to BYU-I: The story of Junior Tovar

This is the story of how a violin changed a man's life.

Treehouse Talks Rexburg — An intimate setting for the Rexburg community

Treehouse Talks is a new weekly occurring event in Rexburg, allowing students and locals to be vulnerable and open with their peers.