Rexburg hosts first-ever Pride event

Colorful flags, fabulous outfits and rainbow decorations covered Porter Park on June 26 for the first Rexburg Pride event.

Rexburg to host first Pride event

Rainbows will fill Porter Park on June 26 as Flourish Point hosts Rexburg Pride.

BYU-I students color the campus

Students celebrate another "Color the Campus" Rainbow Day.

6 Months as chief inclusion officer

"We can’t expect for discrimination and the ugliness of racism to go away by not talking about it."

Church announces changes to LGBTQ policy ahead of conference

"The very positive policies announced this morning should help affected families. In addition, our members’ efforts to show more understanding, compassion and love should increase respect and understanding among all people of goodwill."

University president discusses LGBT rights and religious freedom

"We are compelled to continually examine ourselves, our world views and assumptions to live our convictions,” Taylor said.

Panelists discuss LGBTQ issues and religious freedom

The general session closed the first day of the conference, which explored issues of religious freedom in modern society.

Decrying gender identity is child abuse

Ontario passed a law making it possible for a child to be taken from a household where parents do not agree with their child’s chosen gender identity.

Bathroom policies addressed in bill

The Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act will allow businesses express their moral beliefs by not offering service to anyone does not share the same beliefs

A word about Beauty and the Babies

Ouch. I literally just did the very thing I can’t stand when others do. My friends and I were talking about Beauty and the Beast, and...

LGBT viewpoints might be keeping young adults from church

Young adults are now attending church at a lower rate than before and pastors, youth leaders and concerned parents all consider LGBT views to contribute to the lack of attendance.

Dissension: Right and wrong is still a thing

While, it is never clearly stated, the insinuation throughout the entire editorial is that to be “inclusive” we must accept homosexual behavior in entertainment and in life as perfectly normal.

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Discover your college town

The Rexburg Chamber of Commerce plans to connect students and residents with local businesses at this Saturday's free event.

City Council proposes mobile food court

Food truck owners and locals gathered to discuss a mobile food court ordinance and more at this week's city council meeting.

Kick off the new semester at BYU-I’s First Friday event

Start off the new semester with fun, food and friends at BYU-Idaho's First Friday event happening tomorrow night.

Completed Pocatello Idaho Temple opens its doors to the public

The Pocatello Idaho Temple open house began with a media day for local and surrounding media personal.