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New Year’s resolutions might be hurting your goals

A new year brings a refreshing feeling, but don't wait until then to work toward a new goal.

Finding the healthy lifestyle that works for you

“This is how I found something that works for me and that I enjoy doing. We have that opportunity here on campus."

BYU-I wants you for the Big Read

The Big Read makes Shakespeare a big deal.

OPINION: Sleeping 10 feet from a stranger

I was sleeping in my own bed in my own home, but I didn't know the girl sleeping 10 feet from me.

First Presidency announces 2018 area leadership assignments

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints announced new area leadership assignments for the 21 regions around the world,...

#endofsemesterprobs at BYU-I

As the end of the semester approaches, students express their struggles with life at BYU-Idaho.

WATCH: Improvement, development, progression: The new wellness center

BYU-Idaho's new wellness center focuses on helping students and faculty live better in all aspects of life.

Fit for Happiness

Body image issues are still prevalent.

Content with feeling happy

I inevitably found myself back where I started, but with a deeper understanding that it was where I was supposed to be all along.

Student creates third way of living life: Tripolar

Tripolar = (bipolar disorder - the belief that it is a limitation) + the life i want to live.

‘Covfefe’ blows up through social media

Whether students use social media to share the gospel or pass on the latest meme, the messages they write shape the virtual conversations they partake in.

‘Battle of the Dance’ cancelled for the semester

Battle of the Dance for Spring Semester 2017 was cancelled.

Most Read

Drowsy driving and dogs at large

See some reasons why police were contacted last week.

Devotional preview: The act of doing

In his devotional address, Mike Whitworth will teach about the importance of action when striving to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

How to recognize sexual abuse in marriage

Five warning signs of sexual abuse in marriage and how to get help.

Finding an identity after growing up in a Russian orphanage

Nick Eckman shares how he found purpose and belonging after being adopted from an orphanage in Russia.