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City Council discusses airplane crash and Rexburg Rapids safety

With two new members in the audience, the Rexburg City Council listened to public comments, and city officials shared their thoughts on how to better the city.

Not just another donut shop

There are so many family owned businesses scattered around Rexburg. A small donut and gelato shop is among them, what is their story?

Got tacos? Taco Bell reopens in Rexburg

Students and employees enjoy the newly remodeled Taco Bell in Rexburg.

Czech it out: the Crispy Cones origin story

Crispy Cones founder and former BYU-I student, Jeremey Carlson, shares his experience opening a small business in Rexburg.

Something borrowed

Mariah's Bridal is the only rental-exclusive wedding dress shop in Rexburg. See what renting a wedding dress entails.

Behind the scenes of Crumbl Cookies

Ever wonder what it looks like to make Crumbl cookies? Take a peek and find out.

Frostop Drive-In celebrates grand reopening

Join Frostop Drive-In for its opening after several months of remodeling.

Find joy running for cash

Why BYU-Idaho is the fastest growing campus for a new app, JoyRun

Insults aimed at mobile businesses

A local business owner called mobile businesses unprofessional, unsightly and cheap in a three-minute statement during November’s City Council meeting. Local business owner Robert Coray...

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Power 2 Become

Power 2 Become was hosted in the John W. Hart Building on Friday, Oct. 27. Speakers encouraged students and guests to discover their passions,...

Upcoming film festival highlights student work

The Snake River Film Festival is a great place to see some of the quality work BYU-Idaho video students have created.

“My reassignment was a miracle”

Missionaries sent home during the pandemic share their personal experiences when receiving the call home.

Here is what you missed from a conversation about sexual assault

What happened in the conversation about sexual assault?