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SALT Contemporary Dance presents “PAN”

The untold story of Peter Pan comes alive through the magic of contemporary dance in the BYU-Idaho McKay Library Quad.

The accidental profession in the heart of campus

A BYU-Idaho librarian shares how she found her way into library work and the many resources the library can offer.

National Poetry Month: Poetry reading returns

Join the McKay Library in celebration of National Poetry Month.

Bring your game to life at the Dungeons and Dragons 3D printing event

Bring some of your imagination into the real world and print off a D&D miniature for your next game.

A look into the experience of library employees

The experiences of these employees are often overlooked.

A revolutionary weapon at BYU-Idaho

Tucked away on the second floor of BYU-I's McKay Library lies a piece of revolutionary history waiting to be visited.

Poetry contest winners use Acorn Press to print poems for Valentine’s Day

Winners from the Valentine's Day Poetry Contest printed their poems on the Iron Acorn Press.

Roses are red, violets are blue, you could have a chance to share a haiku

BYU-Idaho gives students opportunities to share their creative talents and abilities, while also being reviewed by peers through a community poetry board in the David O. McKay Library.

Traveling back to the past

The Special Collections and Archives Library exhibit, "Ricks, What's Your Story?" Open House invites students to travel back in time and "learn about the university's past.

Digging in the past of Ricks College

Let's dig together and find their deepest darkest secrets.

Time-traveling back to Ricks

Learn more about Ricks College at the special collection exhibit on Jan. 30.

Where the exciting research happens

You never know what you want to know ... until a book from an unexpected section catches your eye.

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Celebrate Independence Day with the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce

Rexburg's 2022 Fourth of July celebration will be filled with parades, fireworks and parties.

Summer, fun and flowers at BYU-I

The Summer, Fun and Flowers event was filled with colors, flowers and activities.

Discover the past at upcoming family history fair

At the end of the semester, a family history class will hold a fair to showcase their final projects.

Devotional cover: ‘Get up and win the race’

In his devotional address, Philip Crane spoke about winning the spiritual race of everyday life.