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Strive to Thrive

BYU-Idaho invests in students' well-being by providing Thrive, a nine-week program that focuses on mental wellness.

Utilize the resources of the BYU-Idaho Student Health Center

The BYU-Idaho Health Center provides numerous resources for students. It also provides some resources to employees in certain circumstances.

Prioritizing mental health through university resources

BYU-Idaho offers a wide range of mental health resources to support students with mental health diagnoses or struggles.

Column: Spiritual excavation after a divorce

How I found the courage to confront my decaying soul.

Kate Farmer: I beat anorexia

Kate Farmer, one of many who has battled an eating disorder, overcame her disorder and still thinks of it often.

Homeless but not hopeless

Learn more about Center for Hope, a recovery center in Idaho Falls.

OPINION: Should men be allowed to be vulnerable?

Men are often being told by the media and other sources that it isn't socially acceptable for them to be vulnerable.

Recognizing the signs of suicidal behavior

How to recognize suicidal warning signs and help people who struggle with suicidal thoughts.

Happy dancing to sad songs

Kate Rawlins shares her philosophy for life and what it's like to produce a song.

Your body is the least interesting thing about you

Society has lead us to believe that the shape we mold our bodies into is more important than the person we become in our bodies.

Questions answered about behavioral health unit

Madison Memorial Hospital is incorporating a behavioral health unit, and psychiatrists Jim McCoy and James Morris answered questions in an online webinar.

What battle are you fighting?

Red, white and blue are the colors that symbolize patriotism, but what about adding green to the mix since it symbolizes mental health awareness?

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Hidden treasure at BYU-I: One year later

A year after Scroll hid a geocache on campus, who has found it, and what treasures were taken (or left behind)?

LDSPMA opens new chapter at BYU-I

The society connects students with professionals in the publishing, media and arts industries.

Learn to kayak in chlorine

Roll up to the John W. Hart Physical Education Building's pool for kayaking lessons.

BYU-Idaho web development team wins national award

After winning at the state competition in March, the Website Development and Design team from BYU-Idaho went on to win first place at the BPA Post-Secondary Nationals in Dallas, Texas.