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Tag: Mental Illness

Living with mental illness as a BYU-I student

Putting on a face to appear strong has become my new normal.

OPINION: The mental illness stigma cripples our ability to see mental health care as normal

Mental illnesses in the United States have a long road ahead to be normalized as they should be. It is okay and even normal to not always be okay.

Church releases videos to encourage members to listen and love those thinking about suicide

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints releases videos to help with the growing issue of suicide.

NAMI: It’s time to end the silence

"Realizing how present mental health concerns are in Rexburg made it so real," Hathaway said.

BYU-I Counseling Center plans to add two more therapists

The BYU-Idaho Counseling Center plans to add two therapists to help serve students better in the coming semesters.

Silence the Shame: A fight worth fighting

We at Scroll believe that Shanti Das' goal to shed light and end the stigma of mental health is something that we all need to and should be apart of.

Silence the Shame

Opening a shameless conversation about mental health

BYU-Idaho study links social media use to loneliness

Is your social media use actually making you lonelier?

Student creates third way of living life: Tripolar

Tripolar = (bipolar disorder - the belief that it is a limitation) + the life i want to live.

Use language to shatter social stigmas

“I’m depressed because I finished binge-watching my show on Netflix.” “I’m so OCD about dirty dishes being left in the sink.” How many phrases like this...

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Running with a colorful twist

Come join the color run at the upper fields this Saturday.

Stoppage time victory highlights an eventful night of competitive soccer

BYU-Idaho's competitive soccer began Friday night with four games.

Sam Brubaker teaches how to continually increase discipleship

Sam Brubaker celebrates the BYU-Idaho students' desire to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

AA Planthouse & Ecuagenera Rare Plant Expo comes to Rexburg

Local plant shop, AA Planthouse, hosts a rare plant expo with the Ecuadorian company, Ecuagenera, on Oct. 7 and 8.