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‘Ska-lloween’ is coming

The Opskamatrists return to The Basement for Halloween celebration.

Dreaming from Bolivia to BYU-I: The story of Junior Tovar

This is the story of how a violin changed a man's life.

Rexburg concertgoers suit up for a night of live music

Suit Up, Soldier, Rally and Ambrian won over fans at the Romance Theater Saturday night.

The Basement is back and better than ever

Rexburg's underground music venue opened again on September 17.

Fall Fest starts the season off with a bang

Rexburg Life's first event brought live music, giveaways and more to students and locals.

Happy dancing to sad songs

Kate Rawlins shares her philosophy for life and what it's like to produce a song.

Personal therapy with Mickyle Burrell

Mickyle Burrell, a BYU-I student from Jamaica, talks about his passion for singing and songwriting.

Column: Save live music

Rexburg kinda sucks right now.

Popular music venue, the Basement, closes

The Basement has officially closed its doors, yet patrons start a Go fund Me pleading for relocation.

14 bands in 11 hours — Rexburg’s first summer music festival

Utah and Idaho bands gathered in Rexburg for an energetic all-day concert.

Black Student Union invites the community to celebrate Juneteenth

The Black Student Union plans for a Juneteenth event to be held at Porter Park.

Rexburg’s inaugural art stroll

From bagpipes to chalk art to violins, the first downtown art stroll was a great success.

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Choirfest: A fall music festival

It's been a year and a half since the choir's last live performance.

‘Ska-lloween’ is coming

The Opskamatrists return to The Basement for Halloween celebration.

City Council celebrates parks and rec growth and declares a new holiday

From booming sports programs to community service, the council discussed and reported on Rexburg's progress.

Devotional preview: Gaining a knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel

Daris Howard's focal point of his devotional talk will center around obtaining knowledge and truth of the Church and our Savior.