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McKenzie Bliss becomes the last poet standing

McKenzie Bliss won the Last Poet Standing competition with her poem "Fingering through history."

Poised at the edge of the night: What I’ve learned, 108 poems later

Almost four years and two notebooks later, here is what writing poetry has taught me.

National Poetry Month: Poetry reading returns

Join the McKay Library in celebration of National Poetry Month.

Spoken music: BYU-I’s student poets read work at showcase

The BYU-Idaho Poetry Workshop had their final showcase and presented poems they wrote.

BYU-I prepares for poetry showcase

Student poets will present their work in the upcoming event.

Seeing our world through words

BYU-Idaho students share poetry about the changing seasons.

Poetry showcase brings BYU-I students together

BYU-I students dazzled an engaged audience through the power of word and expression.

Students find beauty and creativity in poetry

Poetry is a "dying art" that lives on through the passions of many students at the poetry workshop.

Devotional cover: 3 steps to a better relationship with Christ

Scott Cameron shares principles on how to create a personal relationship with the Savior.

The mortifying ordeal of vulnerability

Why being vulnerable is vital to truly meaningful and fulfilling relationships, despite how terrifying it can be.

5 Ways to celebrate National Poetry Month

Here are some simple ways to participate in one of the largest annual literary celebrations in the world.

BYU-I professor shares published poetry

BYU-Idaho professor Mark Bennion shares the inspiration behind his poetry, now in three published books.

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Mark Watkins: Overcoming obstacles by following your passion

Mark Watkins shares his experience of being visually impaired while still pursuing his love of music.

BYU-I professors to publish book on mental health support in the classroom

BYU-Idaho professors seek to support students by publishing a book about improving mental health and education in the classroom.

Problems with parking passes and solutions to make them tolerable

Some suggestions from a BYU-Idaho student to improve the parking pass system.