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Rexburg community celebrates Pride

How did Rexburg show Pride this year?

Rexburg volunteers prepare to show Pride in 2022

As volunteers prepare for the second annual Rexburg Pride event, students and representatives share what pride means to them.

Family Values of America group peacefully protested Pride event

Rexburg locals held signs denoting traditional family values across the street from Saturday's Pride event.

Rexburg hosts first-ever Pride event

Colorful flags, fabulous outfits and rainbow decorations covered Porter Park on June 26 for the first Rexburg Pride event.

Rexburg to host first Pride event

Rainbows will fill Porter Park on June 26 as Flourish Point hosts Rexburg Pride.

Flourish Point prepares for Rexburg Pride event

A Pride event will be hosted on June 26.

Pride social creates a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students

What creating a safe space means to the students of BYU-Idaho.

Tie-dye for Pride brings controversy

An LGBTQ gathering brought controversy as campus security was called and the event had to change locations.

OPNION: How to be an LGBTQ ally

Jesus said love everyone, so here are some suggestions to do so.

Time to face our fear addiction

Gloating and despair. Amusement and protests. Anger and fear. This is the current landscape of American politics.

Avoid hypocrisy with religious tolerance

Another great day at BYU-Idaho has come to an end and we decide to read one of or favorite blogs, when one of the...

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Devotional cover: Called to serve

Curtis Henrie shared his devotional address on September 20 in the BYU-Idaho Center.

Devotional preview: Joel Judkins

Joel Judkins will be addressing students in the upcoming devotional on Sept. 27.

‘Napoleon Dynamite’ is featured at The Romance Theater

Gosh! The Romance Theater kicks off fall semester with an Extended Play Cinema event.

Artwork of renowned artist coming to the Jacob Spori Art Gallery

An art exhibit featuring Walter Rane is being showcased in the Jacob Spori Art Gallery.