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Rexburg residents plan to protest Saturday’s Pride event

A group of "pro-family" Rexburg residents will protest the LGBTQ pride event this Saturday.

BYU-I students demand to be heard

Why did BYU-Idaho students march near campus on May 5?

Birds aren’t real

Protestors aim to educate fellow Rexburgians on how the government "killed" all birds years ago and "replaced" them with surveillance drones.

Civility or violence — one lesson from the U.S. Capitol breach

BYU-Idaho student suggests civility in times of political unrest.

Rexburg residents protest mask mandates

Rexburg locals and students protested the mask mandate proposed by the city council earlier this week.

EDITORIAL: Say their names

We stand with our black peers at BYU-Idaho

Black Lives Matter protests reach Rexburg

Protesters gathered at Porter park to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

CES protests growing on both sides

Over 100 people gathered just outside of BYU-Idaho to protest in favor of LGBTQ+ rights for multiple protests that began March 4.

Students protest after honor code clarification

On March 4 and 5, and for the next week, students and members of the community will wave flags and posters to share their pride.

Students march to reform honor code

About 150 students marched outside campus in hopes of an Honor Code reformation.

Rexburg families unite for immigrant families

The event was centered around families staying together and gave others the chance to speak out against this policy.

People rally for separated families

Thousands will gather to protest families being separated at the border.

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Citizens raise concerns over garbage truck noises

Rexburg City Council heard from the Public Works Department during their meeting.

Devotional cover: Called to serve

Curtis Henrie shared his devotional address on September 20 in the BYU-Idaho Center.

Devotional preview: Joel Judkins

Joel Judkins will be addressing students in the upcoming devotional on Sept. 27.

‘Napoleon Dynamite’ is featured at The Romance Theater

Gosh! The Romance Theater kicks off fall semester with an Extended Play Cinema event.