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WATCH: Run for a Refugee

On Sat. Oct. 13, approximately 200 people attended the “Run for a Refugee” 5k at the Rexburg Nature Park.

From Nigeria to Salt Lake

“It was nice hearing from the prophets. Back home I listen to it and it’s still good, but seeing them face to face, it makes it real.”

Dogs Play Together At Weekly Meetups

Dog owners gather at Eagle Park every Sunday and Wednesday evening for dog meetups.

You need a coach

When I reflect on my progress over the years, I’ve noticed a lot of improvement. But here’s the problem: my progress is painfully slow.

Peculiar treasures within the Copper King Mansion

Each weekend, BYU-Idaho sewing faculty members and an intern visit the Copper King Mansion in Butte, Montana. The mansion, full of original Victorian craftsmanship...

Remembering the Porter family as Rexburg turns 135

Margaret Arnold's family, the Porters, have deep roots in this city.

Students of Rexburg: French horn player

Leaving home for the first time isn't always easy, but the friendships you develop help during the transition.

Students of Rexburg: Caleb Martin

This article and photos are by Rachel Lawrence. Caleb Martin, a junior studying business management, starts the day by doing chores. The cows, horses and sheep...

Public Safety office creates new reserve position

Six months ago, the Public Safety office on campus created a new "student reserve" job. As a reserves officer, students have the opportunity to handle more responsibility and leadership opportunities as they work alongside the full-time campus officers.

From Rexburg to the stars

"Engineering is the closest thing we have to superpowers as human beings,” said Jason Tuttle, a junior studying mechanical engineering. “To me, it seems that it’s through engineering that God made this world. So in a way, engineering is like one step closer to being like God.”

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Celebrate Independence Day with the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce

Rexburg's 2022 Fourth of July celebration will be filled with parades, fireworks and parties.

Summer, fun and flowers at BYU-I

The Summer, Fun and Flowers event was filled with colors, flowers and activities.

Discover the past at upcoming family history fair

At the end of the semester, a family history class will hold a fair to showcase their final projects.

Devotional cover: ‘Get up and win the race’

In his devotional address, Philip Crane spoke about winning the spiritual race of everyday life.