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Samantha Arias manifested her passion for piano during her recital

Samantha describes the song by Debussy that she performed, "La Plus Que Lente," as happy, blissful and beautiful.

Grasp Lauren’s unique perspective on love from her senior voice recital

"My recital would be like the last hurrah, just share the music that I love," said Lauren Tolman.

Marsha Bjornn gives eye-opening performance

Marsha Bjornn gave a piano recital focusing on repressed and lesser-known female composers of the 1800s and 1900s.

Meet the professor behind music composition

Susan Neimoyer shares her lifelong love of music and invites students to attend the composition recital this month.

Playing Bach backward

"It might not be to your taste, but it’s unforgettable."

Organ professor influences students in meaningful ways

As the organ recital approaches, Daniel Kerr, a faculty member in the Music Department, works with students to enhance their performance skills.

Aspiring organists prepare for Student Organ Recital

"(The organ) is one of the few instruments able to completely change its sound, making it able to play everything from the soft and lyrical to the big and triumphant."

As musicians and sisters

A Showcase of Female Performance brought together female musicians at BYU-Idaho to represent women in the world of music through their own compositions and by performing compositions from women in history.

WATCH: Playing through the keys of life

Jared Payne shares his love of the piano from playing as a child to winning state competitions.

Special guests come to the department of music

10 years after their last visit, National Association of Schools of Music is coming to attend the upcoming student recital.

From Mozart and modern, Allison Vest gives her piano performance

Months of accumulated practice demonstrated in a "piercing" one-hour performance.

More than a senior recital

Christina Greenwood shares the long recovery and spiritual growth that led up to her performance.

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Mark Watkins: Overcoming obstacles by following your passion

Mark Watkins shares his experience of being visually impaired while still pursuing his love of music.

BYU-I professors to publish book on mental health support in the classroom

BYU-Idaho professors seek to support students by publishing a book about improving mental health and education in the classroom.

Problems with parking passes and solutions to make them tolerable

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