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The role forgiveness should have in our society

With the growing effects of cancel culture in the world today, what might it take for someone to be forgiven?

“Living peaceably, religious freedom and the dignity of difference.”

The BYU Religious Freedom Conference closes with the last group session.

Opinion: How to do your part to protect religious freedom

Religious freedom is a fundamental human right.

The importance of compromise in religious freedom

Religious freedom advocates argue the importance of legislative compromises.

Religious freedom in the medical field discussed at Religious Freedom Conference

A bill attempts to pass in multiple states to give medical professionals religious rights.

The double standard of religious freedom

In North American culture, we profess to be accepting of all religions and cultures. While it seems on the surface that this is true, we may actually be moving backward in the sense of religious freedom.

Religious freedom: the impact on education and the community

How has religious freedom played a role in the education system?

Religious freedom: progress over time

How has religious freedom taken shape over the years?

Religious freedom and church closures

Did the closing of churches infringe upon religious freedom?

Supreme Court ruling impact on BYU-Idaho and other private universities

"An employer who fires an individual for being homosexual or transgender fires that person for traits or actions it would not have questioned in members of a different sex."

The College of Education and Human Development

Find your place in the College of Education and Human Development.

Final wishes of a Muslim inmate raises questions of religious freedom

In the decision the Holman Correctional Facility, "regularly allows a Christian chaplain to be present in the execution chamber." However, Ray is a Muslim convert and wished to have an imam, a religious leader of Islam, to be present at the execution.

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BYU-I professors to publish book on mental health support in the classroom

BYU-Idaho professors seek to support students by publishing a book about improving mental health and education in the classroom.

Problems with parking passes and solutions to make them tolerable

Some suggestions from a BYU-Idaho student to improve the parking pass system.