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Police log: Firearm fraud and gunshot wounds

Police were contacted about an individual who bought a gun with a fraudulent card.

Police log: Delayed shoplifting case under investigation

Check out what the Rexburg Police Department has been doing this week.

Police log: Robin Hood and overwhelming odors

Some accounts from the Rexburg Police Department reports last week.

Police log: Probably not Romeo

See a bit of what the police were up to last week.

Drowsy driving and dogs at large

See some reasons why police were contacted last week.

Police Log: From malicious skateboarders to the crime of dancing

Police responded to a report of a fight between a brother and sister.

Rexburg Police Department finds homemade incendiary device on welfare check

Local suicidal male located with a fully constructed incendiary device in Rexburg.

POLICE LOG: Peacock reported walking around area

Individual calls to report a missing leaf blower.

POLICE LOG: Individual calls to report a stolen dog

A piano tuning imposter documented for previously stealing medication and property.

POLICE LOG: Too bright Christmas lights

Individual reports $8,000 scam.

POLICE LOG: Individual requested police take cat to animal shelter while owner was away

Individual reports on notes being left on her vehicle from someone she did not know.

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