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Rexburg prepares for Thanksgiving morning

A 40-year-old tradition will bring locals together to enjoy Thanksgiving and beautiful music.

Stories, songs and spuds: A Rexburg harvest festival

Community members spend a fun-filled Saturday celebrating potatoes, the arts, Rexburg history and more.

Shop with a Cop fundraiser comes to Rexburg

Donate wreaths, holiday decorations or money to help children in need this holiday season.

The Rexburg Tabernacle – A historic icon

The Rexburg Tabernacle, erected in 1911, is a historic icon in the City of Rexburg.

Healing America, one conference at a time

“It was exactly the spirit and the atmosphere that we hoped to create,” said Jacob Householder.

Healing of America in Rexburg

A conference to help unify liberals and conservatives comes to the Rexburg Tabernacle on Saturday, Oct. 13.

Singing for America: Upper Valley Women’s Choir

The Upper Valley Women's Choir will be performing at the Rexburg Tabernacle Civic Center on May 14 at 7:30 p.m. to celebrate fallen soldiers.

The Nashville Tribute Band comes to town

The Nashville Tribute Band will perform this Monday, July 11 at 7 p.m. in the Rexburg Tabernacle. The concert is being held to benefit Kurt Hawks.

Finding music and talent venues in Rexburg

There are many hot spots around Rexburg that showcase local talent, including The Burg, Skizzy’s, and the Romance Theater.

2016 marks 105th anniversary of Rexburg Tabernacle

This year marks the 105th anniversary of the groundbreaking for the Rexburg tabernacle. It is a local historic landmark that often gets looked over by students, who do not know its rich history.

Upper Valley Women’s Choir to host free concert Monday night

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER00ZXSZHZE&w=560&h=315 This Monday, students will have an opportunity to enjoy a free off-campus concert held by the Upper Valley Women's Choir at the Rexburg tabernacle. The...

Handel’s Messiah auditions open to all

An opportunity to audition for a vocal solo or to participate in the choir in Handel’s Messiah comes next Thursday, Oct. 23 from 5-9...

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