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Cooling off with a snow cone

Ice cream, tacos, snow cones, drinks — you name it, Rigby Lake has it.

Renaissance faire abides in Rigby

A Renaissance faire will be held for four weekends in Rigby.

Rigby community comes together after school shooting

At Community Fun Day, Rigby residents honor and support the local heroes who helped keep their children safe.

Press conference reveals officials’ response to school shooting

A sixth grade female student shot three at Rigby Middle School on May 6.

Shooting at Rigby Middle School leaves three injured

A soft “I want to say a prayer” exhibited the fear that was a clear product of the incident.

Rigby Stampede Days Rodeo

The event began with the rodeo queens presenting the U.S. flag as bystanders stood at attention, hats off while a young girl sang the National Anthem on horseback.

Flying kites in Rexburg

With the warm weather blowing into Rexburg, kite flying is on the rise. Location is key, along with safety and fun.

Three facts you may not know about the Olympics

With the closing ceremonies just a week away, here are three random facts you might not know about the Olympics.

BYU-I student groups mentor Latino youth

The BYU-Idaho Activities Program is helping to provide volunteers for a new program at Rigby High School designed to help Hispanic students develop a...

Will beer be sold in Rigby on Sundays?

The City of Rigby is reexamining its beer and liquor laws to allow businesses greater flexibility selling alcohol. The mayor of Rigby, Jason Richardson, said...

Rigby considers changing law banning alcohol sales on Sundays

The city of Rigby is reexamining its beer and liquor laws to allow businesses greater selling flexibility of beer and alcohol. Mayor of Rigby, Jason...

BYU-Idaho alumni share testimonies to get conference tickets

Even two protesters found a moment to laugh and smile to themselves when BYU-Idaho alumnus Alex Withers stood on the corner of West and...

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Devotional cover: Seeking God’s light

In her devotional address, Taunya Hansen spoke about the light of Christ and gave 3 suggestions on ways to better seek and receive His light.

BREAKING NEWS: Field by Towers I parking lot catches on fire

Police are still investigating the incident.

EDITORIAL: All caffeine, no campus — a deeper look at caffeine at BYU-Idaho

BYU-I's refusal to sell any caffeinated products does not match student consumer habits or current Church teachings — we at Scroll request a policy redaction.

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes contend with COVID-19

Twenty-one deaths due to COVID-19 have been reported from the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes in Fort Hall, Idaho.