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Tag: September 11th

Students relate feelings about 9/11

Two planes crashed into the World Trade Centers in New York City on September 11, 2001. Eleven years later students at BYU-Idaho honor and...

September 11: A day of remembrance and protest

While students like U.S. Army veteran Michael Brawner, a junior studying political science, were saluting the flag last Tuesday morning, lives were in danger...

Campus remembers 9/11

To remember over 10,000 lives that were lost on 9/11, the Veteran’s Association partnered with the ROTC to create a memorial at the Amphitheater...

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BYU-Idaho web development team wins national award

After winning at the state competition in March, the Website Development and Design team from BYU-Idaho went on to win first place at the BPA Post-Secondary Nationals in Dallas, Texas.

Rigby Bull Wars entertains a large crowd

Every seat was filled at the Rigby Rodeo Grounds for the annual event of the Rigby Bull Wars.

Asian restaurant “Red 8” opens near Fat Cats

The restaurant offers classic Chinese food and sushi along with some house originals.

Rexburg celebrates “Flow-bor Day”

April showers brings May flowers for Rexburg.