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Snowshoeing adventures with the ORC

Renting snowshoes from the ORC makes for a great day trip and adventure with friends.

EDITORIAL: God bless the Rexburg roads

We at Scroll petition the city to fix burned-out streetlights, install new lights where necessary and more strictly follow the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) in maintaining road conditions.

Officials give driving tips for winter weather

Idaho winters cause slick roads, so knowing how to drive in hazardous conditions can limit accidents and save lives.

Students voice their opinions on when it is acceptable to listen to Christmas music

Mariah Carey has defrosted and is ready to serve the world with her Christmas music.

The ride of a lifetime at the sand dunes

Students search for activities in Rexburg during the winter time, but have they ever been sledding at the the sand dunes?

City Council meets on Jan. 20 to discuss future plans for Rexburg

A quick rundown on a recent Rexburg City Council meeting and what it entails for the community's future.

WATCH: Rexburg ordinance affects snowball fights

Think twice before throwing that snowball.

Aspiring organists prepare for Student Organ Recital

"(The organ) is one of the few instruments able to completely change its sound, making it able to play everything from the soft and lyrical to the big and triumphant."

As musicians and sisters

A Showcase of Female Performance brought together female musicians at BYU-Idaho to represent women in the world of music through their own compositions and by performing compositions from women in history.

What goes into Rexburg plowing?

Hi ho! Hi ho! Off to plow they go!

Watch the snow statues be built

Driggs will host a celebration of snow for all to see.

Take winter driving seriously

Thousands of people die every year from car crashes, and winter driving increases the danger.

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Summer, fun and flowers at BYU-I

The Summer, Fun and Flowers event was filled with colors, flowers and activities.

Discover the past at upcoming family history fair

At the end of the semester, a family history class will hold a fair to showcase their final projects.

Devotional cover: ‘Get up and win the race’

In his devotional address, Philip Crane spoke about winning the spiritual race of everyday life.

Celebrate Fourth of July and art at the upcoming Art Stroll

July's art stroll will feature photography, prints, ceramics, sculpture, paintings and patriotic short films throughout Rexburg.