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Improv comedy workshop invites new members

From Darth Vader impressions to an imaginary garbage island, the improv comedy workshop is bound to make you laugh.

From the student behind the activities

Yarezni Olvera, a junior studying communication, is from North Carolina and has been involved in Student Activities since 2015.

Stop sharing personal details on social media

Facebook is a great way for people to reconnect with friends and family or to just check up on others’ lives. I get that. But seriously,...

Students celebrate Summer Solstice

BYU-Idaho students celebrated the longest day of the year with the annual Summer Solstice event. While it is usually held on the fields at BYU-I,...

Pie social to be held in the Taylor hall

All-you-can-eat pie —pumpkin pie, cherry pie, apple pie and many more pies. These are some of the flavors of pie students can come eat...

Kickin’ it at Capoeira Workshop

If you walk past Hart 234 on a Tuesday evening or Saturday afternoon, you may hear feet and hands thudding on the floor, enthusiastic...

First association social available to all

The Student Association Opening Social is an opportunity for students to investigate the different culture associations at BYU–Idaho. The Social will be held Jan. 21...

Getting involved creates life experiences

At BYU-Idaho, there are opportunities for students to be a part of a society or activity to get involved in. “Getting involved has benefitted me...

Game night allows students to be social

Every Friday night from 7 to 10 p.m. in The Crossroads, BYU-Idaho Activities provides a free game night for students. “We play every kind of...

Pepsi Refresh

After 23 years of advertising in the Serbowl, Pepsi takes a different route this year, by using social media.

Google Wave Current Event

Google Wave is a new software that combines social networking and electronic communication into one.

I-News 7-16-09

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Public help requested to find suspect

Public help has been requested for the location of an unidentified male subject wanted for credit card theft.

Police log: Stolen volleyballs and TV tantrums

Police took a report of a fight from neighbors to find that it was a juvenile throwing a tantrum over the TV.

One art piece can inspire many

See how a single art piece from Wayne Kimball helped inspire 42 artists to create their own interpretations.

Idaho residents step up to donate blood on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Idaho residents gathered in service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day by donating blood at a local blood drive.