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Rexburg Temple officially reopens

After almost four months of being closed, the Rexburg Temple officially opened its doors again.

The 170th temple of the Church is dedicated in Pocatello, Idaho

Many people gathered to witness the dedication of the Pocatello Idaho Temple.

President Nelson reassured my choice to get endowed

I feel the approval to get endowed from my Heavenly Father after receiving revelation from President Nelson's talk.

Idaho will become the 2nd US state to have a city with two temples

The town of frozen windshields and future-driven students will become the second U.S. state to have a city with two temples.

Students anticipate General Conference weekend

Students express how stoked they are for conference.

Completed Pocatello Idaho Temple opens its doors to the public

The Pocatello Idaho Temple open house began with a media day for local and surrounding media personal.

First Presidency announces discontinuation of time-only marriages in the temple

The First Presidency announced Monday morning they will no longer perform time-only marriages in the temple

The latest news on Rexburg, Idaho Temple reopening

The Rexburg Temple has entered phase 2B of reopening, allowing much more liberty in available ordinances.

Additional changes to the temple endowment ceremony are coming

On July 20, the First Presidency released a statement announcing additional changes to the temple endowment ceremony.

Without a temple: adjusting worship for a pandemic

COVID-19 leaves students without a temple to worship in, but temples are beginning to reopen in phases.

UPDATE: All temples to be closed until further notice.

Just announced from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, all temples to be closed until further notice to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 and changes to temple worship

According to a news release from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to slow the spread of COVID-19, temple worship will be...

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