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5 life lessons that can be learned from improv comedy

Comic Frenzy is all fun and games, but important life lessons can be learned from improv comedy.

BYU-I Theatre Department to perform ‘These Shining Lives’

"These Shining Lives" is coming to a BYU-I theater near you.

Connecting with rats and moles

Cast members apply the experiences of animals to their own lives as they act.

Broadway comes to Rexburg

Center Stage brings a TV and Broadway star to perform on campus.

Leap into the Theatre Department’s “Wind in the Willows” production

"Burrow" into adventure as members of the Theatre Department prepare for their upcoming play.

Watching a little stage with big voices

Performers attract a full house at this semester's Broadway Revue.

Auditions open for Calvin and Hobbes

A student production of Calvin and Hobbes comes to Rexburg.

College of Visual and Performing Arts

If you rock out to the trombone, doodle all over your notebooks or pirouette your way to the shower, this could be the college for you.

Consecrate thy performance: Fusing theatre with religious values

“It’s shown me that I can create good art and have good experiences without pushing my standards."

A murder performed on stage

"We get to see people laugh and gasp," Schmid said. "It's always a rewarding feeling. You know they are paying attention."

Students apply Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets to life

“Every story is different. They change our perspective of life."

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Column: Line upon line — How continuing revelation prepared the Church for the pandemic

Sometimes miracles pass by unnoticed, but recent calamities have underscored the blessings and preparations of the Latter-day Church.

Column: Must-dos for your must-do adventure

Everyone is going to Goldbug Hot Springs! This is all you have to do to plan your trip.

Rexburg Airport hosting airshow this weekend

The Rexburg airport will have a free air show event June 19.

Juneteenth is signed into law as a national holiday

On June 17, 2021, President Joe Biden established Juneteenth as a federal holiday.