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Police log: Ghost cars and Kool-Aid men

Police were able to speak with the suspect but were unable to locate the stolen vehicle.

Police log: Angry mobs and stolen vacuums

Police responded to reports of a group screaming and throwing things at a building.

Police log: Lost wallets and free car washes

Officers were notified of suspicious men knocking on doors and asking to speak with individuals.

Police log: Dog poop vandalism and suspicious odors

Police responded to an individual leaving dog poop at a former roommate's apartment.

Police log: Disruptive kids and mysterious fluids

Police received a call about some fluid that had been spilled on the roadway.

Police log: From stolen signs to pill purses

Police responded to a report of a purse that was found and full of pills.

POLICE LOG: Week of theft in Rexburg

An individual reported a suspicious situation that turned out to not be suspicious at all.

BYU-Idaho student pleads guilty to three counts of petty theft

Eilis Murphy pleaded guilty for her counts of petty theft. She will return to Australia under one year of unsupervised probation for her plea.

$900.16 stolen from student account

Theft related to previous report of compromised school accounts.

WATCH: University Store implementing new policy after seeing increase in thefts

Shoplifting has become a bigger problem at the BYU-Idaho University Store in the last three semesters than ever before.

Rexburg police searching for theft suspect at BYU-Idaho

Approximately $1,600 worth of textbooks were stolen from a professor's office.

POLICE LOG: From moving to stolen items

"Police responded to a local apartment complex for a report of stolen money and a stolen firearm."

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