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Devotional cover: Trusting God in all circumstances

In his devotional address, Shawn Andreasen discussed the importance of trusting in God, even when blessings don't come as expected.

Devotional cover: President Oaks asks students to trust in the Lord

President Dallin H. Oaks and Kristen Oaks provide guidance on how someone can faithfully pour their whole heart unto the Lord.

Devotional preview: Building resilience to combat life’s difficulties

In her devotional address, Patty Hendricks will teach students different strategies to become more resilient as they face challenges in life.

Devotional cover: ‘God’s Positive Power’

In his devotional address, Kort Black testifies of the extraordinary effects of God's positive power and shares 3 ways to become more positive.

Marriage ≠ consent

The words "I do" don't erase a person's right to their own body.

Is Facebook the new news for BYU-I students?

Where do BYU-Idaho students get their news?

Devotional Preview: Guided by God

Learn about how to abide by a higher plan at devotional on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

DEVOTIONAL PREVIEW: Connecting to God’s power

Questions that pressure college students.

Why we need journalism

Showing how criticized the media is for reporting any details, and as a journalist, I feel the pressure of viewers and reactions to stories.

BYU-I’m Single

It's no secret: dating is a struggle here.

Keeping covenants provides protection

On Nov. 18, Brother Brian Memmott, the Associate Dean and faculty member in the Art Department, spoke at devotion on the how keeping our...

Battle with depression can be won

Sending a personal text message to a friend was the last thing he did before his head hit the pillow. He slept for eight...

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Devotional cover: Called to serve

Curtis Henrie shared his devotional address on September 20 in the BYU-Idaho Center.

Devotional preview: Joel Judkins

Joel Judkins will be addressing students in the upcoming devotional on Sept. 27.

‘Napoleon Dynamite’ is featured at The Romance Theater

Gosh! The Romance Theater kicks off fall semester with an Extended Play Cinema event.

Artwork of renowned artist coming to the Jacob Spori Art Gallery

An art exhibit featuring Walter Rane is being showcased in the Jacob Spori Art Gallery.