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Experience the Tree of Life on your phone

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a new augmented reality app detailing Lehi's vision.

Fostering a lifelong search for truth

Brother Robert Bird discusses what he hopes students will learn from his talk at Tuesday's devotional.

The mysteries of truth and how to find them

Truth has been a mystery which has stumped philosophers for centuries. While there are many theories of what is a truth, they all differ and leave us to ask, what is the truth?

Get all the information, you probably aren’t 100 percent right

It is important to gather all the facts when forming your own opinion.

Shedding some light on MormonLeaks

We are living in a world of transparency and acrid discrepancies. Actions are led by bitter pride and unbridled passions. The loudest voice seems to...

Promoting progress: standing for truth with tact

We were never meant to sit in silence. We were never meant to just sit in the stands and watch the world fly by. We, as disciples of Jesus Christ, were meant to get involved with the world around us and do our best to make it a better place.

Why I left the church, Why I came back, and Why I’m staying

Many of us have strayed from the 'strait and narrow' at one point or another. Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees recently came out with a solo music video called "Trash," openly mocking the LDS church, defaming religious photos, and mocking sacred symbols.

Learn to debate without religious views

BYU-Idaho is a great university with more than a few worthwhile classes. We are privileged with many professors that are passionate about their field and...

Disagreements help establish truth

To fight is bad; to disagree is good. I once had a conversation with a friend about marriage and opinions in which I said, “A...

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Finance department introduces a new minor

Even though the minor likely won't be introduced until 2022, students can start working toward the minor now.

Rock climbing in the dark

Lights out. Scary movies playing sinisterly on the wall. Hands grasping in the dark for holds lit only by headlights.

Dreaming from Bolivia to BYU-I: The story of Junior Tovar

This is the story of how a violin changed a man's life.

Treehouse Talks Rexburg — An intimate setting for the Rexburg community

Treehouse Talks is a new weekly occurring event in Rexburg, allowing students and locals to be vulnerable and open with their peers.