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Sacrifice Brings Blessings

Staying in Rexburg for the winter is going to be a big sacrifice for me, but I've already seen blessings come from it.

Four ways to prepare for winter

During the fall, chilly weather is the norm at BYU-Idaho. Here are four ways to best prepare for the winter, when it gets even colder.

Nonprofit water park is splashing its way to Rexburg

"We believe by pulling together as a community in both private support, tax deductible donations, grants and generous loans, that this can be a reality."

Around town: Crawling on all fours

Beneath my subzero snow coat, I was wearing three more layers. Underneath my hood, I wore a hat and a scarf. My snow boots weren’t the best, but they were the best Phoenix, Arizona, had to offer. I felt like a marshmallow.

Watch: Student spends time in silent service

This winter semester, students have experienced his willingness to share his time, efforts and his truck.

Benny Green in young performers eyes

Jaws dropped, feet tapped and heads shook to the beat of Benny Green's piano performance on Saturday, March 10, at the Jazz Music Festival.

5 outdoor winter semester activities for any budget

We’ve pulled together a great list of winter activities for your next Home Evening activity, date night or lone adventure — from least to most expensive.

How to stay warm at BYU-I

I am from the South and I am ALWAYS cold here.

Step out of your comfort zone

Having an open mind and saying yes to new ideas, opportunities and activities can open our minds and open doors for the future.

Is Rexburg ice out to get you?

During the winter, layers of ice cover the sidewalks of Rexburg. Here are a few ways to act natural after an embarrassing fall.

Rexburg Street Department fights to keep up with heavy snowfall

As snow levels from Rigby to St. Anthony break records from as far back as 1940, people may find themselves sliding, spinning and slipping more this winter.

How to Keep Warm Without Compromising Fashion

When the temperature is below zero, it’s not always easy to stay looking your best. Here are five tips for how to represent your personal style around campus without sacrificing warmth.

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“My reassignment was a miracle”

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