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BYU-I prepares for poetry showcase

Student poets will present their work in the upcoming event.

Learning to THRIVE at BYU-I

BYU-Idaho offers many different resources to students, including THRIVE, a mental health program that seeks to increase joy.

How to get mental health help at BYU-Idaho

BYU-Idaho offers a variety of resources to help students with their mental health and wellness.

Improve writing one step at a time

Communication Department faculty present three writing workshops throughout the semester.

Get mentally healthy through the Wellness Center

Relax and de-stress at the Wellness Center workshops.

Bring your comics to life at the Spori

A workshop where those who are into reading and creating comic books can come and enjoy sharing their work and getting ideas from other comic enthusiasts.

Wellness Center announces winter semester workshops

Guthrie said the biggest thing they hope to accomplish is having students take what they learn in these workshops and help them apply it during their time at BYU-Idaho and after they graduate.

Comm. faculty designs workshops to improve writing

The Department of Communication will host writing workshops every Thursday from 1-2 p.m. throughout the semester for students who wish to improve their writing...

Workshops give students chance to get involved

BYU-Idaho offers a variety of different activities on campus for students to participate in. One way for students to get involved is by participating in...

Weekly workshop teaches how to swing

Students gathered in the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center Ballroom, June 1 to learn swing dance moves for a variety of dances including the East...

Talents Become Laughter

Student gather to share their talents of writing for an coming comedy show. Their bring their sketches twice a week to be practiced and...

Talent workshops provide artistic outlet

The Student Talent Activities on BYU-Idaho’s campus sponsor many different talent-oriented workshops to provide students with greater opportunity to have fun, get involved, meet...

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BYU-Idaho students speak on favorite general conference traditions

Everyone has their own traditions for general conference. Here are some of the favorites of BYU-Idaho students.

Devotional preview: Samuel Brubaker

Samuel Brubaker will prepare students to become disciples of Christ through his upcoming devotional.

Police log: Animal fights, controlled substances and unsupervised rooftop naps

The following comes from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Rexburg Police Department police logs and is public record.

Magic at the McKay: Bringing Hogwarts to BYU-Idaho

The David O. McKay Library hosts the second Magic at the McKay event.