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Tag: Yellowstone National Park

The best time to visit Yellowstone: Some park roads open for vehicles

Yellowstone visitors can now drive through the park and enjoy its many sights.

On the other side of the lens

Caryn Esplin shows how photography has brought adventure into her life.

Yellowstone wildfires update

Several fires began in Yellowstone over the summer; the Lone Star Fire continues to burn.

No longer wanted?

Superintendent at Yellowstone National Park is forced to retire.

These 5 tips may keep you alive when you encounter a bear

Following these five tips will be sure to increase your chances of staying alive when you encounter a bear.

Yellowstone Steamboat Geyser erupts for the first time in 3 years

Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser has erupted for the first time in three years, baffling scientists.

National park roads opening for spring

The National Park Service gets ready to open for spring.

Fee proposal for Yellowstone officially approved by Wyoming Governor

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed a joint resolution Monday, March 12, calling for a discussion on fees to be collected at Yellowstone National Park, according to KSL News.

Go outside, and appreciate the earth

The first time I went to Yellowstone National Park, I cried. No, I wasn’t a toddler, a moody teenager or in any sort of danger....

Yellowstone considers increasing entry cost

According to the National Park Service, Yellowstone National Park is considering raising its entrance fee by $5 this coming year. “ is still in the...

Toddler killed by bullet in Yellowstone

A three-year-old female from Idaho passed away Saturday after pulling the trigger on her father’s handgun at the Grant Village, a campsite in Yellowstone...

Enjoy sites and experiences at nearby Yellowstone National Park

If the world’s largest collection of geysers that smell like rotten eggs isn’t enough to entice one to book a trip to Yellowstone, there...

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