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Ride along with Meals on Wheels

“It’s a full meal,” Lund said. “It usually is the main meal they get each day.”

Church volunteers see increasing orders of food assistance from Rexburg

The bishops’ storehouse is a welfare program of the Church of Jesus Christ, whose mission is to “help members become self-reliant, to care for the poor and the needy, and to give service.”

EXCLUSIVE: Cops say drug use is high despite declining numbers

Rexburg police are working with drug users and the students through social media to catch drug buyers and dealers.

LDS Church invites members to celebrate the priesthood revelation

The revelation of the priesthood will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day...

Yellowstone bison controversy leads to ongoing protests

Protesters over the past month tried to stop Yellowstone's bison from being slaughtered by letting them out of their quarantines.

Look beyond the exception

Sometimes we need to fall out of the norm to be extraordinary.

Stephen Hawking passed away at age 76

Stephen W. Hawking, a world-renowned physicist, died at age 76 at his house in Cambridge, England, according to The Washington Post.

People who have special needs and disabilities have as much chance to succeed as the rest

When you encounter people with special needs and disabilities, choose to be kind and respectful. Trust that they have much potential to succeed in life just like you and me.

Mitt Romney announces run for Utah Senate seat

Mitt Romney launched his campaign video to announce his next move to run for Utah Senate seat.

EnglishConnect 3: Connecting the world with Pathway

Four BYU-Idaho students helped the Church Educational System’s Global Initiative to develop EnglishConnect 3, a program that helps people all over the world to enhance their English ability and enters Pathway Connect.

Brother Baron to address students at devotional

Brother Baron teaches religious studies courses and works as an associate dean in College of Education and Human Development.

24 courses piloted using the new I-Learn system

BYU-Idaho is piloting the new I-Learn system, Canvas, for 16 on-campus courses and six online courses this semester, and there are about 2,000 students involved in the pilot program.

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Devotional cover: Seeking God’s light

In her devotional address, Taunya Hansen spoke about the light of Christ and gave 3 suggestions on ways to better seek and receive His light.

BREAKING NEWS: Field by Towers I parking lot catches on fire

Police are still investigating the incident.

EDITORIAL: All caffeine, no campus — a deeper look at caffeine at BYU-Idaho

BYU-I's refusal to sell any caffeinated products does not match student consumer habits or current Church teachings — we at Scroll request a policy redaction.

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes contend with COVID-19

Twenty-one deaths due to COVID-19 have been reported from the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes in Fort Hall, Idaho.