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Testing Center: Behind the line

A few weeks from now finals will begin. With them, these tests bring studying, planning and long hours in the Testing Center.

The Testing Center is well known for its strict rules and long lines, but behind these lines are student workers, who in addition to enforcing rules, have a multitude of unique experiences working at the Testing Center, including helping fainted students, having a tug of war over scratch paper and creating parodies of The Office.

Amy Rubio, a freshman studying construction management, has worked as a Testing Center proctor for two semesters. Her responsibilities include giving out tests, filing completed tests and monitoring test-taking students.

Rubio said despite its appearance, the Testing Center is a very fun and interesting place to work. In the short time she has worked there, she has seen cheaters caught, technical malfunctions fixed and students faint.

“Two people have fainted in front of me,” Rubio said. “The first one fainted because she had a problem with her sugar intake.”

The second person she saw faint did so during an air conditioning failure. The student had difficulty breathing and began throwing up.

“I was super scared,” Rubio said.

Of all the challenges posed by her Testing Center job, Rubio said catching students who appear to be cheating is the worst.

“I get super nervous, and I really wish I didn’t have to do that,” Rubio said.

Luca Albernaz Reggiani, a senior studying biology, has worked for the Testing Center for four years and has caught cheating students on several occasions.

“At the beginning I was very afraid of it because it’s embarrassing for the student, and it can be someone in my class,” Reggiani said. “Having to see the student later on in classes and different circumstances is a little awkward, and it’s definitely the hardest part.”

Reggiani said the Testing Center has also had “creeps” wait outside for workers to go home because they were angry about being kicked out or for other reasons.

He said he has seen several different confrontations at the Testing Center over the years, and only some of these were related to cheating.

A few semesters ago, Reggiani had an unexpected confrontation with a student over their final test. This student had been encouraged to take their final early so his teacher could begin their break early.

The student didn’t realize this was against school policy and was shocked when Reggiani began writing down the teacher’s name so the teacher could be contacted and let students use the full allotment of time for finals.

Reggiani said the student began freaking out and tried to snatch the paper Reggiani was writing on.

“The student freaked out, reached over the counter, grabbed the scratch paper out of my hand and we were stuck in this tug of war over a piece of scratch paper for a good few minutes,” Reggiani said.

He said he did his best to be polite and ask the student to let go, but it took a while before the student did so.

Catching cheaters and pacifying upset students is not the only thing Testing Center employees do. Reggiani said working there is actually very fun due to the upbeat atmosphere and the quality of the employees.

“It’s not just a place you work at, but a place that you can really have fun,” Reggiani said. “You can interact and connect with other people.”

Dallin Wegner, a junior studying mechanical engineering, has worked for the Testing Center for over two years. Wegner said one highlight of his job is the work parties held each semester.

Carol Garner, the faculty member over the secretaries, puts together a work video involving the employees for these parties.

Wegner said last year’s video was a combination of skits mimicking the show The Office.

“The scene that I was in was the scene where Jim comes in dressed as Dwight and has all the clothes and the bobble head and the tie and the glasses and everything,” Wegner said. “We have a fun time goofing around here.”


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