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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints supports medical marijuana in Utah

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced their support of the use of medical marijuana but does not believe Proposition 2 will be legalizing it in a safe and healthy way. Prior to the announcement, Elder Jack N. Gerard, a member of the Quorum of Seventy of the Church, met in Utah with other members of a coalition who oppose legalizing the use of marijuana in Utah on Aug. 23.

“The Church does not object to the use of marijuana, if doctor-prescribed, in dosage form, through a licensed pharmacy,” Gerard said. “We are deeply concerned by the history of other states that have allowed for medical or recreational use of this drug without the proper controls and have experienced serious consequences.”

Earlier this year, the Church employed the Kirton McConkie law firm to do a legal analysis on Proposition 2, according to Newsroom.com. It was released on May 11 and addresses several of the legal issues brought up by the marijuana proposition. The Church encourages everyone to read through the memorandum.

Several Utah citizens and members of the Church agree with the Church’s stance on the use of medical marijuana.

“I feel encouraged by the Church’s stance on this issue,” said Karina Kenison, a freshman studying elementary education at SUU. If used correctly, marijuana could help people. However, it is not a wise choice to support this initiative, there are too many holes and problems with it.”

Others are surprised with the statement the Church released.

“I was a little surprised at their statement, not because they advised people to vote no, but because they said medical marijuana was good,” said Cassandra Palmer, a freshman studying economics at the University of Utah. “I thought the Church would’ve frowned upon any use of marijuana.”

Several students attending Brigham Young University Idaho who have lived in Utah stand by what the church has said.

“Medical marijuana is a good thing and should be legal. However, I fully stand behind my sustained church leaders. If The Church’s experts have studied this and instructed us to say no, I will have faith to comply,” said Kristin Passey, a freshman majoring in General Studies.

Gerard sent an email to Latter-day Saints in Utah, releasing the coalition’s statement regarding Proposition 2, on the same day as the press conference.

“As a member of the coalition, we urge voters of Utah to vote no on Proposition 2 and join us in a call to state elected officials to promptly work with medical experts, patients and community leaders to find a solution that will work for all Utahns, without the harmful effects that will come to pass if Proposition 2 becomes law,” Gerard said.

The voting for Proposition 2, legalizing medical marijuana in Utah, will take place this November.


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